April 4th, 2009



Huh! Pain in legs, pain in ass and happiness in heart!

Me and Marcus done it with bicycles from Ķīpsala (Riga) till Jaundubulti (Jūrmala)

2009.04.04 - Velonobraucienas Riga-Jaundubulti

If we believe Google Maps, then the route is ~28.6 km long. Not that bad for a guy is riding his bike second day after more than 10 years of not having any.

Sorry, i was too lazy and exhausted to make the photos today. But if you want to see some pictures from the places we’ve been to, you can just follow the route in Google Earth and see some pictures there made by other people.

Hopefully, next time (probably one of these Easter holidays) we get more people to join us. Of course we’ll post the information on CS, but if someone is interested and is not registered there, you can leave a comment here telling that your wish to join us!


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